The development of your child's potential is our passion.

At Somerset teachers build the experiences (learning activities) they plan for the children and interact spontaneously with our children's’ “wonderful ideas”, and they are guided by a set of foundational objectives which are consistent with State and NAEYC objectives. Our teachers design daily learning activity plans with both the learning opportunities arising from our children’s observed interactions with materials and processes, and our foundational objectives in mind. This stable foundation and flexible implementation ensures that the children’s learning is developmentally appropriate and personally meaningful. While Somerset’s foundational objectives remain consistent over the  years, the learning activities that different groups of children experience change based on the current needs and interests of our enrolled children.

Language and Literacy Objectives       Social/Emotional Objectives

• Participating in sound play                          • Developing self-esteem, sense of 

• Hearing rhyming words                                  
responsibility, and confidence in their ability
• Reflecting stories                                           • Developing ability to make appropriate
• Seeking book experiences                              choices and decisions
• Retelling stories                                             • Building problem solving skills    
• Participating in print-related activities      • Using self management skills
• Predicting events                                           • Developing social, moral and intellectual     
• Distinguishing letters and symbols              reasoning skills
• Recognizing letters in words                      • Initiating social interactions and making
• Identifying beginning sounds                      friends
  (Pre-K and Enrichment)                                • Developing self-control
 • Beginning to write letters                           • Enjoying learning
  (Pre-K and Enrichment)
• Writing with Purpose (Enrichment)   

Cognitive Objectives                                            Large and Small Muscle Objectives

• Practicing sorting, classifying, matching         • Controlling small muscles in hands
   and sequencing skills                                          • Coordinating eye-hand coordination
• Exploring cause and effect                                 • Using tools for writing and drawing             
• Counting objects and matching numerals       • Demonstrating basic loco motor skills
• Comparing: more/less, bigger/smaller, etc.        (running, jumping, hopping, galloping)       
• Practicing one to one correspondence              • Showing balance while moving

• Seeking answers through active                        
• Demonstrating throwing, kicking, and
   investigation                                                            catching skills                                  
• Building focus and attention span                
Creativity Objectives

• Foster appreciation of visual arts, music (instrumental & vocal),
  creative movement and dramatic play
• Become aware of beauty in nature
• Experience various art forms
• Talk about aesthetic experience    
Habits of Mind

As children move through the normal activities of our program we also encourage the early development of habits which contribute to future success. These particular habits are based on the work of Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick in their studies of what successful people do when they don’t know what to do.

While the research on these habits is focused on adults, we find that these habits include behaviors we work on with children every day. For that reason, we decided to formally incorporate the habits into our curriculum.

The 16 Habits of Mind identified by Costa and Kallick are:

• Persisting                                          • Thinking and communicating with clarity
and precision
• Managing impulsivity                   • Gathering data through all senses   
• Taking responsible risks                • Listening with understanding and empathy    
• Striving for accuracy                      • Responding with wonderment and awe
• Thinking flexibly                           • Thinking about thinking (metacognition)   
• Finding humor                    
• Creating, imagining, innovating  
• Thinking interdependently          •
Questioning and posing problems   
• Remaining open to continuous  
• Applying past knowledge to new situations

More information on Habits of Mind can be found at:

Somerset's program strives to support children's growth in each of the above areas by:

    • Providing a caring, professional teaching staff that respects, encourages, supports and
       guides children's explorations.

    • Providing a rich, safe, and planned physical, social and learning environment. Our
       learning interest areas and experiences encourage higher levels of school readiness in
       pre-math, pre-reading, science and social studies.

    • Providing flexible, challenging and varied learning centers and experiences.

    • Providing an optimum mix of new and familiar experiences, equipment, and materials.

    • Providing support and guidance when children momentarily lose control of materials,
       equipment, or emotions.

    • Providing open communication and collaboration with children's parents to help the
       children grow and develop optimally.

    • Providing an inclusive experience during the holidays, avoiding the use of religious
       symbols, and keeping activities with multicultural and multiethnic awareness.

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