The development of your child's potential is our passion.
  • Scientist in the Crib: What Early Learning Tells Us about the Mind, by Alison Gopnik, Andrew N. Meltzoff, and Patricia K. Kuhl. ISBN 0-688-17788-3. A wonderful book on how children grow and learn from infancy.

  • Learning All the Time: How small children begin to read, write, count, and investigate the world without being taught, by John Holt. ISBN 0-201-55091-1.  This book provides understandable explanations of how young children learn and helps parents gain insight to some of the foundational principles underlying how Somerset teachers work with children.

  • Project Great Start - a website developed by Michigan early childhood educators and a committee of Michigan intermediate school district administrators to support parents of young children. Click here for "What's Happening in Oakland County". Look at the bottom of the county website for "Great Parents- Link to Ideas and Information" for lots of good ideas and information.

  • To take a look at resources from other counties in Michigan, go to and click on the counties that interest you. The various counties in Michigan are in different stages in developing their contributions to this state resource. As of the spring of 2005, the most developed sites are from Macomb, Branch, Allegan, Lapeer, Presque Isle, Cheboygan and Newaygo counties.

  • Brain Development - Many resources on early brain development compiled by the National Child Care Information Center, a national clearinghouse and technical assistance center linking parents, providers, policy-makers, researchers, and the public to early care and education information.

  • Habits of Mind - by Art Costa and Bena Kallick. (Click on "What are Habits of Mind") The authors describe 16 habits that help people behave intelligently when they don't know the answers. At Somerset, we encourage children to develop these habits very early to help them as they encounter the challenges that help them grow and learn. (Click here to download a list of the Habits of Mind at Somerset) (Click here to download an article by Art Costa, Ph.D. on how parents can help their children develop these habits.)

  • The Rochester Hills Public Library website provides many resources for  parents and children, including a schedule of upcoming events.

  • The Ready to Learn website is a wonderful resource for parents which provides not only companion information related to the PBS Kids website but also a wealth of information for parents on child development, reading readiness, enrichment activities to do at home, etc. Teachers will also find many resources and ideas from lesson plans to recommended book lists.

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